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Samadhi Yoga

Breathe. Sweat. Laugh. Heal.

Samadhi is the joining of all aspects of being-physical, spiritual, mental & emotional. It’s the deepest level of awareness, supreme bliss & consciousness.

About Me

Yoga | Teacher | Student

My name is Arlene, but everyone calls me Linky. I have been a runner my whole life & I first started practicing yoga in 2014, to prevent injuries. However, somehow yoga crept into every part of my being and became more than just a mere physical practice. The practice prepares you for true asana – to sit in stillness with the truth.

​Through movement and breath, you create space between the inhales and exhales to discover your truth, reminding you to come back to yourself. I have a daily meditation practice and yoga is a good way to quiet the ‘monkey mind’. Therefore I always try to incorporate some form of meditation into my classes.

I completed my teacher training in June 2018 in Cape Town and have since done Creative Sequencing Advance Teacher Training and visited the motherland, India to deepen my practice. I have also completed Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Anatomy. I consider myself a lifelong student and am always wanting to learn more. My specials interests include Anatomy and Ayurveda. 

There is nothing in the world I love more than teaching, it is my passion and my calling. Before becoming a yoga teacher, I qualified as a primary school teacher. One could definitely say that teaching runs in my blood! Being able to share my passion for yoga with others is fulfilling in so many ways, whether it be in a studio, gym, outside on the grass or the beach, all levels are always welcome.